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Wed. Jan 8th 2020
We are currently planning on hosting a gun raffle on Saturday, April 11th, 2020. The gun list and venue location are being finalized. Ticket prices will be $25.00 and include dinner and refreshments...
Wed. Jan 8th 2020
Music, Fun, and Revelry!!

Don't miss our 12th Annual Saint Patrick's Day Party!
Doors Open at 4:00 PM
Dinner Served at 5:00 PM
4:30 to 7:30 PM - Full Kilt
8:00 PM to 11:00 PM - Giants of Scie...
Engine 71
1999 E-One Cyclone
Engine 712 is first due on all structure alarms and is equipped with the following equipment:
6-man enclosed cab
1500GPM Hale Pump
1000 Gallon Water Tank
Pre-piped/Removable Step Gun
1200' 5-inch Supply Hose
200' 2-1/2-inch Supply Hose
3 - 200' 1-3/4-inch preconnect hoses
1 - 150' 2-1/2-inch preconnect hose
1 - Blitfire on a 200' 3-inch preconnect hose
6kW Generator with scene lights and numerous electrical equipment
16-inch Electric PPV Fan (11,804cfm)
18-inch Gasoline PPV Fan (14,773cfm)
Thermo Imaging Camera
Echo Vent Saw
Partner K950 Multipurpose Rescue Saw
Numerous RIT Equipment
2-in-2-out Search Bag
Salvage Equipment
CO Monitor
Rescue-Engine 71
2011 Sutphen Monarch
Engine 711 is first due on all rescue alarms and is equipped with the following equipment:
8-Man Enclosed Cab
2000GPM Hale Pump
700 Gallon Water Tank
1200' 5-inch Supply Hose
4 - 200' 1-3/4-inch preconnected hoses
1 - 100' 1-3/4-inch preconnected trash line (front bumper)
1 - 150' 2-1/2-inch preconnected hose
1 - 200' 3-inch ready line
20kW Hydraulic Generator with 7500-watts of Scene Lights
Hurst Transformer Spreader, Gold Cutter, T-41 & T-59 Telescopic Rams
Hurst Trimo Power Unit w/ two 100ft hydraulic reels
178-ton Maxi Force High Pressure Air Bag Set
2 JYD Nightmare and 2 JYD G-Force Rescue Struts
Numerous Cordless Tools, Large and Small Hand Tools
Hazardous Material Spill Containment Equipment
EMS Equipment
Utility 71
2015 Dodge Ram 2500
Information Coming Soon!

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